Ritual Smoke Kit - Crystal Pipe + Loose Herbal Smoke Blend

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With this duo you get a pipe of your choice, paired with an herbal smoke blend of your choice!

Crystal Pipes

Rose Quartz 


Red Obsidian 

Tiger's Eye 


Smoke Blends

This is a lovely blend of herbs for those seeking further love and connection in their relationships with themselves and others. Mildly euphoric and calming, with a beautiful aroma, Aphrodite is a customer favorite
Organic Ingredients: Mullein, lemon balm, rose, tulsi & damiana.

Wolf Mother: 
Wolf Mother is a beautiful herbal smoke blend. Gentle and calming nervine herbs, when smoked, are said to help quell repetitive anxious thoughts and to cool an overheated bodily composition. This blend is a lovely alternative to smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes, which typically contain harmful synthetic chemicals.
Organic Ingredients: Mullein, lobelia, lavender, skullcap & damiana.


Sweet Dreams:
This blend full of night time smoking blend for rituals around dreamwork and bedrest. Made with herbs to enhance your dreams, ward off nightmares and recall your dreams. Helps quell anxiety & promote overall relaxation.
Organic Ingredients: Marshmallow leaf, mullein, chamomile, mugwort, mint & sage.





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