Love Spell Altar Candles
22nd & Everett

Love Spell Altar Candles

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A silky warm aroma of star anise and vanilla wrapped up in a gorgeous pink candle for home decor or your altar. This limited edition seasonal candle is made with the intention to strengthen the feelings of love, self love & connection.

Rose is said to be the tears of Venus as she wept for Adonis, Statice is for preservation and longevity.  Yarrow for protection and healthy boundaries. Damiana for its aphrodisiac qualities. Bunny Tail for playfulness and excitement Rose Quartz to promote a sense of love for yourself and others.
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Botanical dye (alkanet) 
  • Essential Oils & body safe fragrance oil
  • 6.75 inch candles (comes in bundle of 2 candles)

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