Q: Is there tobacco/nicotine/cannabis in your smokeable products (including Cigarettes & loose blends)

A: No! These wonderful smokeblend are made with all organic herbs. No Nicotine, No Tobacco, and no Cannabis. But we would NEVER stop you from mixing them with your other smokeable herbs, we actually reccomend it ;-)

Q: Is your store ONLY for women?

A: No, of course not. However, we make strong efforts to represent ALL sides of the female experience with the makers we choose to carry. Our mission is to empower & represent the female experience. We have plenty of male customers & we love them, as long as they love us & you ;-)

Q: Can you subscribe to your herbal cigarettes?

A: Yes, you can now subscribe and save a couple bucks too! You can do this from the product page.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do! We <3 our international customers! We strive to offer low shipping costs, and always continue to review our international options. We currently offer USPS, DHL, & UPS shipping options.


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