Extra Coverage Blues Away Period Panties

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It is literally impossible to not feel radiant and happy in these undies. Bliss out in these blue babes and send out those good vibes this summer... you always get back what you put out :) Oh and if you're putting out period blood, that's even better. 

These undies are made to be worn on your period! That means you don't need a pad, tampon, menstrual cup, or sponge. You can just free bleed into these babies and they'll protect from leakage and feeling wet (and they'll look great while you wear them!)  To learn more about them, check out the "How They Work" tab on our main menu. These undies are full coverage, so they should be worn on average to heavy days (for lighter coverage check out our low rise undies). They last 6- 8 hours before they should be changed. Hand wash with cold water and soap and then toss em in the washing machine and dryer!  

Absorbent lining options include Trump, Pence, or non- political Period Party print!