If its Going All Over My Face, it Better Be Good : A Journey to the Perfect Face Mask

Have you ever been so thrilled with a face mask or cleanser? You can actually SEE a difference in your skin, you snap your best friend with NO filter, and you feel like you have actually won some kind of skin care lottery! I recently had that fulfilling experience, only to be disappointed just seconds later. I made the mistake of turning the bottle around, and seeing a million ingredients that sounded more like toxic cleaning supplies than a soothing face mask…
Buying skincare has always felt like a “Catch 22”, you either have to blindly put chemicals on your face, and see some immediate results, and just hope and pray to goddess that later on it doesn’t have negative long term effects… OR you can try a natural one, and risk that it won't give you the same results, or that you don’t use it in time before it spoils.
Now, I told myself and a lot of my friends, that 2018 was the year that I stopped putting ingredients that I couldn't pronounce on my skin in order to look/feel better. Needless to say, I have been on somewhat of a witch hunt, for the perfect mask. Between my best friend Anna and I, we have tried more masks than we can count on both of our hands and feet… and maybe even our dogs paws too… On my last trip to Portland to see her, I brought a clay mask from my friends all natural apothecary line.
The mask is packed full of gorgeous different herbs & botanicals. Roses, chamomile flowers, lavender, St. John’s wort and the list goes on. This blend of ingredients sounded great & didn't make us feel bad about putting it onto our skin.
The mask is in powder form, so the shelf life is over 2 years! That is amazing for a 100% natural face mask. We mixed the powder with water and applied it all over our face. You could smell the gorgeous ingredients… and My Mom is always telling me to get therapy…  I am assuming she means AromaTherapy. So done & done, Mom.
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We let it sit on our skin until it was tight and dry, took about 8 mins. One of the first things I noticed after washing my face, was that my all of redness had dissipated. I couldn’t believe it. My skin felt so soft, and it was the calmest it had ever been. I had no redness on my cheeks & my skin felt like super cleansed.
Not only did it leave our skin feeling like I had just had a facial, it also totally dried out a breakout I had been struggling to get rid of. Needless to say I am obsessed. Anna loved it too, and she is really picky about her masks.
Anna and I have a vintage resale boutique online www.22ndandeverett.com where we are launching some of our own designs this year. We loved the mask SO MUCH, we decided to start carrying it in our online Apothecary.
I have used that mask once a week since I tried it, and I have never been happier with my skin. This mask is gentle enough for all skin types. It especially benefits those with redness, dry skin, or anyone that want an extra boost. You can read more details/purchase this mask in our online Apothecary
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