Girl Squad : Q & A with Olivia

Girl Squad : Q & A with Olivia

Yay! We made it to our second week in the Girl Squad blog series! This squad is getting better and better.
This week we get to learn more about a bad ass seamstress! Olivia, also known as @TheRustyBolt on Instagram. Not only is she super talented designer, but she is super funny, fun to be around, sweet & super humble! If you aren't already, go follow her on IG, you wont regret it. 
Without further ado...


What weird thing do you do when no one is around?

Sing what I am doing and laugh at the witty comebacks I think of for past arguments.


What is something you worked really hard at & are proud of yourself for accomplishing?

Being not only comfortable, but brave, in my own skin.


What Spice Girl were you?

Scary Spice


What one thing do you wish you knew when you were 10 years younger than you are today?

It’s not about YOU. The things people say and do have little to do with you so don’t take every single thing personally. Go with the flow and mind your own garden. Or as my   mother would say “Not my circus- Not my monkey!”


What is filling your time? What are you working on? OR What are you currently passionate about?

My days are filled with fabric, paint and tennis balls. Nearly all of my time is dedicated to my business, activities that I find healing or inspirational, and throwing the ball for my dog Kobe.


How can we follow what you are doing? 

Apart from stalking me, or body snatching my dog- who spends every waking moment next to my feet- you can follow what I’m up to and creating on Instagram @therustybolt


What is your favorite outfit/what made you feel the coolest when you were a younger?

My overalls- hands down.Though my uncle had a friend who handmade my sister and I some pretty amazing dresses that I still pine over to this day.


What is one thing you wish everyone in country could agree on?

The Golden Rule. I wish everyone could reset their moral compasses and remember that the “politics” they are so torn apart over affect real people- living human beings- who are just trying their best to survive in this crazy world. The policies they make literally harm them and their livelihoods all in the name of profit and political gain. If people could remember to love and respect one another as they would like to be loved and respected the world wouldn’t be such a painful mess.


Last but certainly not least, what song are you over playing at the moment?

After the Storm by Kali Uchris 


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