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Free ‘Happy Pride Bitch’ rolling papers with EVERY PURCHASE in June ||| 15% of sales in June are donated toward BLM #Blacklivesmatter
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Girl Squad : Q & A with Brooke

Yay! Welcome to the beginning of a blog series I am starting. I want to highlight all the incredible women I am meeting a long this 22nd and Everett Journey. I feel like everywhere I turn there are smart, strong, compassionate, driven, savvy, & hilarious women that I continue to learn from. I have grown so much from all of these women & I am sure YOU will too!! Please join the conversation and ask questions a long the way! 

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Hi Brooke!

First off, I just want to share a little bit about my experience with Brooke! Not only is she the genius creator behind some of our Smokeable Accessories in the shop, she also is a planning/coordinating machine! She is the woman behind the scenes of Laurel Makers Market, ScumCon, Laurel Street Fair & many more events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Brooke is an incredible artist & coordinator. But she seriously doesn't stop there you girls. She also finds time to be a bad ass hospice nurse! I have had some experience with hospice nurses, and ever since I did, I have had SUCH an appreciation for what they do & the compassion and care they provide. When I found out Brooke was also a hospice nurse, it ALL made sense. She has such an understanding & compassionate energy about her. This kween is seriously impacting peoples lives in the most positive way ON THE DAILY. 
Without further ado....

What weird thing do you do when no one is around?

My boyfriend likes to think I spin in circles and think of project ideas. I actually don’t do that ANYMORE, shows what he knows! I mostly work at my ceramics table or on ideas of some sort.

What is something you worked really hard at & are proud of yourself for accomplishing?

In June of 2016, two months before leaving Brooklyn to return home to Oakland, I made a vision board. It was everything I wanted by June of 2019. If I don’t currently possess something from that board then it’s in the works; that’s pretty damn cool. Creating a community, good health, growth in my art and expansion within my nursing job is what I’ve managed. What’s in the works is all the adult expectations that come from being in one’s mid-30’s; I’m excited about all of it!

What Spice Girl were you?

Scary Spice, no question.

What one thing do you wish you knew when you were 10 years younger than you are today?

Brooke, life is a journey, not about destinations (unless we’re talking trips here). Stop rushing life! You’ll certainly realize this once you stop struggling with money, once you stop forcing bad relationships to work, once you can appreciate the paths you decide to walk down.

What is filling your time? What are you working on? OR What are you currently passionate about?

I fill my time with hand movement; if they aren’t typing away at emails they are cooking, working on the next ceramic project or bringing a “healing hand” to my hospice patients. I’ve been a hospice nurse in and around San Francisco county for two years now and I don’t think I can become that artist who decides to quit their day job. First off I need the benefits!  Also, I should be a damn doctor by now, having ultimately gone to school 10 years for this! My undergrad degree was an immediate bust so I moved onto nursing and am so glad I followed my mom’s path in that respect.

How can we follow what you are doing? 

So I absolutely suck at updating my BrookeLyn Ceramics website, I think I only pay for it now to appear that much more professional. I pray people don’t judge me based off my lack of updating! Otherwise, I often post on Instagram @brookelynceramics, I’ll also manipulate my Etsy page from time to time!

What is your favorite outfit/what made you feel the coolest when you were a younger?

Somehow I’ve returned to living under layers of pink, it can get ridiculous. I almost cried a few weeks ago when I realized I left my vintage satin and lace nighty in a hotel room drawer…I loved that thing dearly. Rest in peace nighty.

What is one thing you wish everyone in country could agree on?

Hmmm, I don’t want to deter anyone for my political stance so I’ll just say, it seems it’s easy to forget from where we come, the fact that most of us were new immigrants at some point. If some of our ancestors didn’t force their way unto this land then they were invited and accepted, thank goodness. I think, generally people feel too entitled, this is something that bothers me. We as individuals don’t “deserve” anything, life happens and others also work hard to get to the job they’re in, the home, the city or country. We don’t care about individuals’ sacrifices. Maybe if we did we’d remember this land wasn’t ours in the first place and so things/populations will inevitably continue to evolve.

Last but certainly not least, what song are you over playing at the moment?

I’m definitely not up with what the chi’rens is listening to, haha! My mom used to call me an old soul and I think I took that to heart. I’m a lover of old things so often play Pandora stations like Bessie Smith, Marvin Gaye, Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Jazz. I’ve also been chillin’ in the evenings with Agnes Obel radio, I think she’s a Danish singer. I try to create a hyggelig environment as much as possible, even during the warm summer months.

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