Free ‘Happy Pride Bitch’ rolling papers with EVERY PURCHASE in June ||| 15% of sales in June are donated toward BLM #Blacklivesmatter
Free ‘Happy Pride Bitch’ rolling papers with EVERY PURCHASE in June ||| 15% of sales in June are donated toward BLM #Blacklivesmatter
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Finding The Magic Of Inspiration - Amanda McDowell

This is a guest post by Amanda McDowell. She’s a recent transfer to the Bay Area, where she works in Writing & Content Marketing. She also runs her own blog, Propagating Adventure!
When you have a lot on your plate, day-to-day life can become mundane — until, suddenly, you see something that makes you ready to #SLAY. In that way inspiration is a bit like a fairy godmother, dropping by out of the blue to add a touch of pixie dust to your world.
The process of getting inspired can seem a bit random, but what if you could access that blissful feeling on demand? A plethora of self-help guides advocate everything from meditation retreats to college classes to achieve this — and I know exactly no one who has that kind of time.
What I do know are women who are just like me, with packed schedules and high aspirations, that just want to feel a little more magic in their lives (without sacrificing their sanity or moving to a remote island!).
I’m here to tell you: it’s possible. By adopting some new habits, you’ll find life’s magic moments just around the corner.
  • Walk it off. Have you ever focused on your screen for hours, only to resurface and find yourself severely dehydrated and mentally tapped? With so much on your to-do list, leaving your desk during the day can seem like an unnecessary luxury — but it can actually make you happier and less drained come Friday afternoon.

    You’ll have a hard time decluttering your mind sitting in the same spot, so schedule some time each day to move around and look away from the task at hand. Checking in with yourself and getting your body moving gets your brain moving as well — leading to that jolt of inspiration you’re craving.
  • Smell good, feel good. When the budget gets tight, we’ve all gotten trapped in thoughts like “what if I hadn’t gotten that $6 coffee in 2014”, but things that smell good are something worth investing in. Whether you grab a $1 Target candle or opt to splurge on a fancy hand cream, exposing yourself to a new smell changes your perspective. For inspiration, we recommend rosemary or citrus, but whatever you choose will put you on track to becoming a more inspired you.
  • Take (productive) breaks. As a content creator, my livelihood depends on how well I can process information and communicate it to an audience. Getting to read all day is a dream, but at a certain point, my brain gets totally overloaded with info. Sometimes I have to recharge, but I catch myself migrating from my computer to my phone and wondering why I’m still listless.

    As it turns out, what you think is a break might be a lot different than what your brain needs to refuel — and brain fuel is crucial for getting inspired. Even if you’re combing Insta for #inspiration, things like meditating, playing a game, or chatting with a friend will do way more for your mind (and bonus: won’t lead to FOMO!).
  • Schedule time that’s yours. Making time for yourself is vital to inspiration and self-care, which go hand-in-hand. Block off your calendar like you would for drinks with a friend and do whatever makes you tick. Don’t respond to texts / calls / emails, ghost your newsfeed, and give yourself a chance to thrive.

    Whether you read a book, do something creative, or just sit in silence, giving your brain some old-school quality time is the perfect refresher course in what makes you feel the best — allowing you to generate new ideas with a clear outlook.
Taking care of what your brain needs is the best way to get inspired — think of it like texting your fairy godmother! When you’re feeling stuck, it might seem that every turn leads to a dead end. Instead of getting frustrated, make time for one of these tips and welcome the magic back into your life!

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